Speed Read the Web

Textcelerator is a browser plugin that helps you speed read on web pages. If you're like me, you spend a lot of time reading. Whether it's news, stories, documents or emails, reading speed and comprehension matter.

Start by adjusting to a comfortable speed. Press '[' (left bracket) to slow down and ']' (right bracket) to speed up. We've started at 300 words per minute, which most people find to be a comfortable speed. However, much faster speeds - over 1000 words per minute - are possible with a little bit of practice. You can pause and resume by pressing 'p', and use the arrow keys to go forward and back, if you missed something. You can also click on a word to jump to it.

You can use Textcelerator to train your speed reading, by picking a speed faster than your normal pace. Training this way will speed up your reading both in Textcelerator and print. Textcelerator is more than just a training tool, though; it's practical for every-day reading. It integrates closely with web browsers, and has tricks built in to improve your comprehension at high speeds.

The technique you're using now is called Moving Serial Visual Presentation, which is a modified version of a speed-reading technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, which shows each word in the same spot instead of moving up and down. The motion helps your mind keep track of what order words go in, and keeps you from missing words. Textcelerator also highlights negation words, so you won't miss them, no matter how fast you're going. It adjusts the amount of time each group of words is shown based on a prediction of how long you'll take to absorb it.

Textcelerator is available as a browser extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. Once installed, it will be added to all pages. It's free for 30 days, after which you can buy it for $45.