Speed Read the Web

Frequently Asked Questions


What content can I read with Textcelerator?
Unlike most speed-reading software which works only with special ebook formats, Textcelerator works with (almost) any web page, so you can use it to speed-read your email, blogs, Facebook, and news - the things you will probably be reading anyways.
Why does the text move up and down while playing?
This is "wave reading"; it's a modification of the more common rapid serial visual presentation technique which makes it easier to keep track of word order at high speeds, by adding a secondary (spatial) cue. If you'd rather have all words appear on the same spot, uncheck "Wave reading mode" on the options page.
Why are some words highlighted in red?
Textcelerator highlights negation words such as no, not, and isn't, to ensure you don't miss them at high speeds.
Can I use Textcelerator to read PDFs?
Not currently. There are some web-based PDF readers such as scribd which will sort-of work with Textcelerator, but we haven't integrated this in because PDFs often have a lot of extra junk text, out of order text and special characters which Textcelerator doesn't yet handle well. PDF support is planned for a future version, though!
Can I install Textcelerator on cybercafe or lab computers?
If you're visiting a lab or cybercafe and you have a Textcelerator license that you want to use, you may install Textcelerator for yourself, but only in your local profile in a way that will not make it accessible to other users. If you operate a computer lab or cybercafe and you want to make Textcelerator available to your patrons, contact us to arrange a per-machine license.
Can I use Textcelerator to teach a speed-reading course?
Yes, but your students need Textcelerator licenses. Bulk license discounts are available; contact us for details.

Browser Plugin

What web browsers are supported?
The Textcelerator plugin supports the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari.
I have multiple computers. Can I use Textcelerator on all of them, if I only buy it once?
Yes, you can install Textcelerator on any computer for which you're the primary user.

Textcelerator for Sites

Can I use Textcelerator on my site?
You can use Textcelerator if it meets the conditions for use in the license agreement.
How will Textcelerator affect my page load time?
Textcelerator for Sites delays loading and initializing its script until the rest of the page is loaded, so it shouldn't significantly impact your page load time.
What web browsers are supported?
Does Textcelerator work on phones and tablets?
Can I self-host Textcelerator for Sites?
For the time being, no. Keeping Textcelerator for Sites on our own servers lets us rapidly deploy updates and fixes, and persist users' configuration settings across sites. However, if your site has more traffic than you think our servers can handle or if you need to host Textcelerator on your own domain for legal or security reasons, contact us and we may prioritize making a self-hostable version for you.