Speed Read the Web

Using Textcelerator

To open Textcelerator, either click on the Textcelerator icon on the browser toolbar (at the top-right in Chrome, top-left in Safari, bottom-right in Firefox), or right-click on some text and select "Speed Read This". When Textcelerator is opened, you can click on any piece of text to navigate to it. To start speed-reading it, click on the same word again. You can also play/pause by clicking on the Textcelerator window, or pressing P.

There are also keyboard shortcuts for most commonly-used functions. You can navigate forwards and back using the arrow keys, to find the text you want to read or to go back to something you missed. Note that some specific web pages may also have their own keyboard shortcuts, which may conflict with these; in that case, use the mouse instead.

P Play/Pause
Alt+T Show/Hide Window
Alt+G Follow link under cursor
[ Decrease speed
] Increase speed
Left/Right Arrow Go to previous/next group of words
Shift+Left/RightArrow Go to previous/next sentence
Ctrl+Left/RightArrow Go to previous/next paragraph